Settler mythologies: Grace Kwan, ‘Colonialism and National Myth-Making in Canadian Museums’, The Society, 5, 1, 2020

Profile of an Ocean Author: an Interview With Sonia Faruqi

Author Sonia Faruqi photographed against the sea. Photo via Toronto Star

Toronto author Sonia Faruqi didn’t think she would be a writer (much less a fantasy writer) when she grew up. Ever since she was a small child, Faruqi explains, she has been two things: materialistic and analytical. She loved having and collecting trinkets, “possessed with the joy of possession.” And she’s organized to the core, with a passion for spreadsheets and detailed planning. This made her a perfect fit for Wall Street, which was where Faruqi worked after she graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in economics, public policy, and government. To her credit, she loved working at Wall Street while she was there  — the thrill of feeling important, wearing a suit and high heels every day, even the seventy-hour work weeks.

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